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Some of us are willing to go to the end of the world for our heart's chosen. And the other kind of us are searching Her among the sharpest and the tallest peaks of the planet.

There are 14 mountains on the earth snapping the skyline at over 8000 m...the exquisite club of the "eight-thousanders".
All of them are lying in Central Asia, into the remote ranges of Himalayas and Karakorum.

The sacred mountain Cho-Oyu, the Turquoise Goddess, lying 30 km west of Everest , is one of these summits, and with 8201 m above sea level is sixth highest mountain on the planet.

For the whole last year, The Goddess was the object of our longing, our dreams and our desires...
Our chance to make her fall for us itís in our grasp, but its in her will to "fall" for us or we will be just another two pretenders...

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